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Massage &Waxing

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    Specialist massages in Kingston

    At Virginia’s Beauty & Care, we provide specialist massages to soothe and relieve your aches, pains, and any stress stored in your muscles. Let go and unwind at our stunning salon in Kingston with an expert massage.

    Slim tone

    Body shaping and toning is available at Virginia’s Beauty & Care. You can find out more by calling our friendly team today on 03 6229 2719 .

    His and hers waxing

    We provide waxing services for both women and men. Have any unsightly or irritating hairs removed safely and effectively.


    Reflexology provides a more specific method of working towards the diagnosis of any problems while stimulating and encouraging the health of your whole body.

    Reflexology is based on the principle that the body can be divided into ten vertical zones, each corresponding to an area of the foot so that the feet are in effect a map of the body.

    In reflexology, a sensitive area of the foot indicates a problem in the corresponding organ of the body, and by working on the appropriate trouble spot, the larger problem at hand can be helped and recovery can begin. Reflexology can be an effective route to relieving pain and helping to restore the body’s natural balance and wellbeing.

    • 30 mins reflexology massage available
    • 60 mins reflexology massage available

    The reflexology massage includes a leg and knee massage if required. 

    For further information about our range of massages and waxing services,
    call our friendly team at the salon today on 03 6229 2719 and we will be happy to help with all of your enquiries. 

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