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Signature Treatments

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    Expert beauty treatments in Kingston

    Virginia’s Signature Treatment – 90 mins

    This skin recovery facial treatment uses advanced products for optimum results. It’s great for puffy eyes and dark circles, as well as dehydrated, congested, wrinkled or pale skins. It includes a face, neck and shoulder massage and complimentary eyebrow shaping to perfectly frame your face and eyes.

    Paraffin wax hand and feet treatment

    Paraffin treatments soften cuticles and deeply lubricate the skin to give it a soft and healthy appearance. Paraffin stimulates circulation and helps to soothe and relax – a simply luxurious treatment. This is ideal for people who suffer from arthritis and have deep grease or dirt stains in the skin and nails. It’s also good to know that this treatment doesn’t damage nail enhancements. We offer paraffin wax treatments for the hands and feet, including either a manicure or pedicure.

    Check out our extended range of manicures on our manicures and make-up page. 

    Deluxe facial – 60 mins

    This includes a deep cleanse and exfoliation treatment to remove dead cells, steamer technology to open and cleanse pores, an anti ageing fruity mask and a head, neck and shoulder massage to relieve stress and tension. Complimentary eyebrow shaping is included.

    Peel treatment

    By removing dead cells, our peel treatment helps to reduce dryness, the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone and texture. Choose the peel treatment if you want to reduce open pores, oiliness, acne and ingrown hairs.

    Thermolift facial – 60 mins

    This unique treatment is specialised for acne, pimples, blackheads and oily skin. Thermolift is a beautiful, warmth-generating mask that works wonders on your pores.

    Full facial – 60 mins

    Experience this incredible facial, including a rejuvenating, deep cleansing scrub, steamer mask and head, neck and shoulder massage for the relief of stress and tension.

    Body exfoliation

    Experience total pampering from head to toe, using high strength AHAs and super moisturisers to soften, refine and firm the skin where it is needed the most. This incredible treatment includes a body massage and deep cleansing facial.

    Mini facial – 40 mins

    Benefit from rejuvenation and deep cleansing included in our great value mini facial.

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